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Financial Works provides Financial Accounting Reports together with Contract and Management Accounting Reports.

Financial Works enables comparison of actual performance with budgets for any period of time thus providing the basis for a sound contract administration and contract management.

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Financial Management Tools 

FinancialWorks© is well suited for project management as it incorporates loan/credit/grant agreement covenants and ceilings, contractual data, disbursements from loan/credit/grant funds, replenishment procedures, cost control on invoices for works, goods, consulting services, bank accounts, all of them reconciled. FinancialWorks© also produces financial planning information as represented by the Quarterly Planning Report and the Project Cash Forecast.

As it is fully in line with the requirements for Procurement procedures and Category of expenditures ceilings and also for Disbursement covenants, it also represents an excellent tool for training accounting staff of Project Management Units. Its training methodology and easiness of use can be of applicability for training purposes of staff in projects financed by any international donor or investment institution.

Procurement Management Tools

Procurement management tools are an add-on to FinancialWorks aimed at providing the “how to” technology which enables procurement staff to efficiently handle the day-to-day operations of the procurement process. FinancialWorks offers the option to be supplied with the following procurement management tools for Civil Works, Goods and Consulting Services:

  • Project/Procurement Operations Manual
  • Contract Administration Manual
  • Easy Guide to Prepare Specific Bidding Documents, Request for Proposals (RFP) and Request for Quotations (RFQ).

Public Procurement Tools

  • Procurement Manuals
  • Standard Bidding Documents
  • Contract Administartion Manuals
  • Property Disposal Manuals
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